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The Politics of Promotion

What does it take to get ahead and stay ahead in today’s workplace?

It not only takes talent and hard work, but political savvy!

The workplace is a highly politicized environment where key decisions about who gets ahead, who gets the plum assignments, who gets the scarce resources are not just decided on merit.

Through her radio show, coaching, speaking and Forbes column, Bonnie helps high-achieving women learn the necessary skills to successfully navigate the realities of the workplace and achieve their goals through promotion, positioning and building strong strategic relationships.

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  • Bonnie Marcus presented a workshop on becoming organizationally savvy and tools for presenting your value in an effective fashion. Her workshop was very well received and the attendees thought that she was knowledgeable, well-prepared, responsive to participants' questions and able to hold their interest. Her own career experiences and those of others she has coached provides wonderful learning examples that the audience could connect with. The workshop was led very well as she has excellent listening skills and was very capable integrating participant's comments into a productive and rewarding discussion.

    — Alexandra Glucksmann
    SVP of Cerulean Pharma
    Board Chair of Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (WEST)
  • Thanks very much Bonnie for your presentation on Navigating Through the Workplace: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead.  I thought this was one of the best HBA presentations that I’ve been to.  It was filled with pragmatic information for HBA members, in line with the HBA mission, and presented in an engaging, direct manner. Great content and all valid.  If only I had this kind of input as I was ‘growing up’ in my career!  Well done.

    — Anita Allen
    Allen Advisory Group
  • Bonnie Marcus has delivered this program (Selling from Your Comfort Zone) a number of times to our students and graduate coaches to rave reviews. Her style is engaging and her content very practical. In recognizing that coaches are selling themselves as well as a service, the various tools, techniques and skills that Bonnie teaches helps to make this feel seamless. Her delivery is experiential and people come away with a much clearer sense of key strategies to enable their success.

    — Bill Sex
    New England Coaching
  • I found Bonnie’s sessions very engaging and a lot more reflective. In a short while, I was able to “see” through myself and come to terms with realities that must be dealt with if I have to take a step to a new beginning. Knowing myself has enabled me capitalize on my strengths to advance and never let my weak areas draw me backward but rather use them to come up with improvement strategies in my day to day operations. I will always stand for my values and use that to establish constructive relationships with those I can listen to and learn from so as to reach my goal.

    — Christine Achola
  • Bonnie picks the really hot topics for her show and is a thoughtful and engaging interviewer. I've been on twice and much enjoyed the experience.

    — Alison Maitland
    Co-author of Future Work and Why Women Mean Business
  • I had a wonderful conversation with Bonnie Marcus on the topic of workplace flexibility for her radio program, GPS Your Career. Through her professional coaching practice she has not only helped guide women to reach their professional goals, but heard first-hand from them on the ongoing challenges they face at the office and beyond. It is this thorough understanding of the issues at hand that serves a catalyst for highly informative and relevant discussions between Bonnie and her guests for anyone who listens to this show.

    — Allison O’Kelly
    Founder and CEO
    Mom Corps
  • I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bonnie Marcus on her program, GPS Your Career. She conducted one of the most thoughtfully organized interviews I’ve ever participated in, loaded with insightful questions that clearly demonstrate her expert knowledge of the coaching field. Even though that was our first conversation, it felt like I was chatting with a trusted colleague and friend who shares my coaching philosophy and passion for helping clients define and achieve their objective. I’m looking forward to finding a way to work with her in the future.

    — Allison Rimm
  • I was interviewed by Bonnie Marcus on her radio show, GPS Your Career, A Woman’s Guide to Success. Bonnie provides excellent content for women leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to help them navigate to success. All business professionals should write a book that sets them apart as an expert in their field. Because of Bonnie’s impressive interview skills, I was able to shine a light on how my process helps people quickly organize their content and write their books. It was a pleasure being a guest on Bonnie’s show.

    — Ann McIndoo
    CEO & Founder of So, You Want To Write!
  • I took Bonnie's GPS Career Group Coaching Program in January 2012 and the benefits I received were inspiring. My one big take-away from this program was that connecting with my true value and identifying my "uniqueness" ultimately helped me gain self-confidence and success. I would highly recommend Bonnie's courses if you are interested in identifying your unique strengths, the qualities that you bring to the table and how you can better leverage this in your career.

    — Antoinette Cialdella
    JP Morgan
  • Bonnie Marcus opened my mind to a new way to look at presenting myself to clients with my "Value Proposition." I was one of the fortunate four to be chosen to receive a one on one coaching session in front of the Five Hundred participants in one of Bonnie's seminars at the Baypath Leadership Conference. I now have a new and different approach to presenting myself to clients. I am putting more emphasis on my past accomplishments in brochures and information to my prospective clients. I have had wonderful success with this new approach with new and better projects.Thank you so very much for having given me this tool!

    — Bryarly Lehmann
  • Bonnie is a very professional and knowledgeable business coach. She is very good at showing that there is more than one way to get a job done. Bonnie has positive energy and approaches her work with an experienced accomplishment. She is very organized and approaches her business life with a calm efficiency that instills confidence in her clients. Bonnie is widely respected in her community and by her peers.

    — Caroline Taylor
    Real Estate Professional
  • I worked with Bonnie for 10 years and I’ve known her for 18 – and I can say, without a doubt, that she is amazing. This is a woman who has always been and will always be successful. Her business sense is sharp and right on; her capacity to listen, guide and support others is phenomenal; her life experience as an executive, entrepreneur and single mother is invaluable. If you are ready to live the life you’ve been dreaming about, call Bonnie – she is the best.

    — Cheryl Bode
    Owner, A Basket Case
    Former VP, Gentiva Health Services