How to Keep Your Job: Promote Yourself at Work

These are scary times and many people are fearful of losing their jobs as the financial crisis in our country continues. The instability of our economy breeds fear and sometimes panic. Suddenly, the job we currently have is the most important factor in our own personal stability even though it may not be the dream… Read More.

Promote Yourself with Passion and Confidence. Self-Promotion Part Three

Let’s shift the energy from the limiting beliefs of our upbringing and the negative chatter of self-doubt in our heads to a place of self-confidence. Identifying what holds us back from promoting ourselves is the first necessary step in this process. Once we recognize our “gremlins”, we can begin the work of turning each negative… Read More.

How Do You Relate to Self-Promotion? Self-Promotion Part Two

In the first part of this series, I discussed some common limiting beliefs that women have when it comes to self-promotion. These limiting beliefs are culturally based and therefore, pretty challenging to overcome. i.e. “Bragging is unbecoming for a woman.” “People will think I’m pushy and aggressive if I talk about myself and they won’t… Read More.