Grow Your Business: No Cold Calls Necessary

Many of my clients who are small business owners and entrepreneurs are paralyzed by the thought of making cold calls. They frequently ask me for advice on the best technique to use for cold calling and they often relay their fears about the process. They are so fearful of making cold calls that it often… Read More.

Take Charge of Your Money

I don’t know how any one can avoid the topic of money and personal finances today. Everything you hear from the media on TV, in newspapers, or on-line focuses our attention on the financial crisis and what that means to the average “Joe” or “Josephine”. Most of us are in a panic over our hard… Read More.

Choose to be Successful

One thing that all successful people have in common no matter what their career or talent is that they see themselves as successful and they have an abundance of positive energy. Do you realize that you can CHOOSE to be successful? Do you realize that your thoughts create your reality and that if you believeĀ … Read More.

October is Women's Small Business Month

It really is amusing that there are so many special labels for different months of the year. Who can possibly keep track of all of them? But in my recent reading online, I noticed that October is earmarked to recognize women in small business and I felt that I needed to add my recognition as… Read More.