Setting Your Goals for 2009: Step Three

In our goal setting process so far: We listed our accomplishments over the past year. We reviewed this list and noted what strengths and values these accomplishments represent. What lessons did we learn about ourselves and what success patterns did we identify that will carry us forward to continued success? Now we are going to… Read More.

Setting Your Goals for 2009: Step Two

In Step One of the goal setting process, we took a close look at what is going well in our personal lives and business, and we created a list of our accomplishments this last year. What did we achieve this past year? What challenges did we take on? Once the list of accomplishments was created,… Read More.

Setting Your Goals for 2009: Step One

This post is a first in a series on Goal Setting for 2009 and beyond. As we approach the end of 2008, it is a worthwhile exercise to reflect on the last year and recognize our successes and accomplishments. While it often is our tendency to focus on where we fall short and how we need to improve, this exercise focuses… Read More.

De-Clutter Your Brain and Jump Start Your Creativity

A few months ago a long time friend of mine recommended that I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In this book, Julia describes a program she created for artists to connect with their creativity through a series of exercises. This process has been so successful that people from all different professions have adopted… Read More.