A Lasting Friendship

Decades ago at a small women’s college in New England, a group of girls met and formed an incredible friendship. Those thirteen girls had no idea at the time how strong their friendship was and how it would last and, in fact, strengthen through the years. We called ourselves “The Dynasty” which gives you a… Read More.

Forbe's Top 100 Websites for Women

Wow! Women’s Success Coaching was chosen as one of the TOP 100 websites for working women. I am thrilled and extremely honored to be a part of this awesome list of websites and blogs. The authors of the Forbes article, Meghan Casserly and Jenna Goudreau, state: No one can succeed on her own. Even the… Read More.

If You Don’t Raise Your Hand, You Won’t Be Called On

If you don’t raise your hand, you won’t be called on and maybe that’s a good thing; a good thing, that is, if you want to remain invisible and safe. After all, when you raise your hand, you are risking public failure. When  you raise your hand, you are sending a signal to everyone that… Read More.

Does Your Nose Get Out of Joint?


Yesterday I attended a meeting for a local organization and we were discussing business as usual when a colleague of mine made the comment that someone’s “nose was out of joint” because of a certain interaction that had occurred earlier in the week. That got me thinking. What was the origin of this idiom and… Read More.