Take Off Your Mask for Halloween

Don’t you love Halloween? It’s not just because of the sweet treats. It’s so much fun to dress up in costume and take on the identity of someone or something else for the day. The holiday festivities give us an excuse to put on a mask and adopt a new persona. Perhaps we choose to… Read More.

Vulnerability and Leadership

The definition of being vulnerable is to be open to criticism or moral attack; to be susceptible to being wounded or hurt. I think it goes without saying that most people do not choose to be in a position where they could be easily hurt or criticized. Most of us, in fact, avoid any situation… Read More.

I'm Doing the Best I Can Do Today

It’s absolutely impossible to be perfect. I think on some level we all know this is true. So I think it’s very interesting that  many of us live our lives pursuing perfection. Think about it. How much of your own life is spent trying to be perfect? How much emotional energy do you invest in… Read More.

What is Your Reaction to No Action?

I know a couple of things about myself. First of all, I am extremely action oriented. In the past, actively working toward my goals has contributed to my success. I am good at identifying what I want and creating and implementing an action plan to achieve results. That’s me. Yet, very often life presents us… Read More.