Revisiting the Double-Bind

Women have had to deal with the double-bind or “backlash effect” in business for decades and it has frequently been the topic of many discussions about how women can overcome this prejudice to advance their careers. In a nutshell, this double-bind is: To be successful, you must be assertive and confident, but if you are… Read More.

Is Your Self-Esteem Based on the Products You Buy?

Did you know that if you use an Apple computer, you may actually be more creative because the Apple brand stands for creativity? Did you know that using a generic cell phone battery can make you feel less attractive than a name brand? Honestly, I had no idea any of this was true. So I… Read More.

A Lesson in Self-Esteem: Does Everyone Deserve a Trophy?

I think parenting is the most difficult role we have as adults. Sure, we might have tough decisions to make about our careers, our relationships, our lifestyle. But nothing compares to the anxiety we have about raising our children.  We want the best for our children. We want our children to be happy and successful… Read More.

Living an Authentic Life

We now live in a transparent world. Our personal and professional stories reside on the internet and will remain there in perpetuity. Our resumes, our profiles, our photos, videos, testimonials will endure long after our lifetime. It seems that everyone knows everything about you. But how well do you know yourself? Are you living an… Read More.