Your rock star results prove your level of effort and masterful skillset. Even though you like your peers, you know you out-perform them on every metric. Plus, you have the necessary education and years of experience. So when that promotion opportunity comes around you’re ready.


You throw your hat in the ring. You’re a shoe-in for the job, right?

Apparently not. You didn’t get the promotion.


You’re BEYOND qualified! You’re a top performer!  What went wrong?

You’re missing one critical factor… the politics of it all.


Yes, the politics can make all the difference in getting that promotion.


When it comes to politics, chances are you are in one of three camps right now:

I hate politics – I just want to do my job and have my results speak for themselves.


I’m aware of the politics, but they make me uncomfortable. I don’t really know what to do.


I think I understand the politics, but clearly something’s not working because I keep struggling.


I get it. I’ve been in all three of those camps myself.

bonnie-aboutI started my career at a national healthcare company. I worked my way up from an entry level position to an Area VP. I had reached the top of my career ladder if I wanted to stay in the same department and not have to make a big move. I was OK with that as I really loved my job and the people.

But then we got news of a reorganization of the company. That created a new, higher position in my territory… the perfect promotion. I was so excited!

The reorganization also gave me a new boss. He was an external hire, a friend of the CEO. Frankly, I didn’t like him. So I avoided him as much as I could and just focused on the work.

I believed my work spoke for itself. I was a top performer. I won awards. I got to go on all the incentive trips. My team and I were top notch.

I also was a great boss. My direct reports, knowing that I wanted this promotion, took it upon themselves to lobby the new boss on my behalf.

So when it came time for the new VP position to be filled I felt like it was surely mine.

I didn’t get it. I was crushed, confused, and even angry. I was the perfect candidate. I had checked every box on the list of “required and preferred” qualifications. I had put in my years and proven my value to the company. Did none of that matter?

Sure it mattered. But other things mattered too… the relationships, the politics.

By not building a relationship with my new boss, and not making the effort to understand who had influence in the decision making process, I missed that critical factor. I didn’t get the promotion.

I felt blindsided. I didn’t want to experience that again.

So I started researching and studying workplace politics and how to develop political savvy. I learned how to use many of the skills I had that made me a great team leader to understand the broader political dynamics of the company and how to navigate through them. I experimented and built up my political influence.  It took time and effort, but it made all the difference in the world.

I want you to learn from my mistakes. I want you to leverage my research and experience so that you can move forward faster.


That’s why I created The Politics of Promotion Course.


If you want to advance your career to new heights, know that:

  • your work and performance are not enough
  • your direct reports liking you is not enough
  • your degrees and certifications are not enough
  • your years of experience are not enough
  • your proven skillset is not enough
  • your confidence is not enough




And as much as we may want to believe that we’re past it in the 21st Century, we’re still facing a gender bias, particularly in corporate settings. That bias creates even more obstacles and subtle, even invisible pitfalls that require astute political savvy.

Let’s be clear about what I mean when I use the term “politics.” I don’t mean the obnoxious snarking, game playing, and backstabbing that we often think of when we hear the word or watch Sunday morning news commentators.

Politics is the art of building influence through relationships.

It’s that simple… but complex and nuanced. I learned how to use it and so can you.


In The Politics of Promotion Course you will learn:

  • Why political savvy is important for career advancement
  • How to shift your mindset about politics in the workplace
  • The 4 stages of political seasoning and how to move through them
  • How to build political self-awareness
  • How to understand workplace dynamics
  • How to strategically network
  • How to chart your course for career advancement and navigate the political waters


The course includes:courseincludes

  • 6 lessons delivered by online video
  • Worksheets for each lesson to help you dive deeper and apply what you’re learning to your specific scenario
  • An assessment to gauge your current level of political savvy
  • A private Facebook group for ongoing community support
  • A hardcopy of my book, The Politics of Promotion: How High-achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead
  • One 60-minute private coaching session with me



The first 10 people that purchase the course will get a private, 60-minute Career Strategy Session with me (a $500 value). This session is in addition to the coaching session already included in the package.




BonnieHeadshot2I’ve been where you are. Once I learned the lessons I teach in The Politics of Promotion Course, I was able to reach my goal of running a national company. Understanding how to build influential relationships and navigate the political landscape changed everything. I’m confident it will do the same for you.








But this course isn’t for everyone. It is not for you if:

  • You think only your work and performance should matter, despite evidence to the contrary
  • You think you’ve got this political stuff handled (um, OK, but clearly not if you’re still not getting that promotion)
  • You’re not willing to see differently, think differently, and take different actions than you have before
  • You’d rather sit back and wait for opportunities than take strategic control of your career
  • You’re not willing to step outside your comfort zone long enough to get comfortable in a new space


For those of you that are ready to skyrocket your career and get that next promotion… and the one after that, and then the next…this course is for you!


And don’t forget about the FAST ACTION BONUS!

The first 10 people that purchase the course will get a private, 60-minute Career Strategy Session with me (a $500 value). This session is in addition to the coaching session already included in the package.

I’m thrilled for all the new possibilities that are around the corner for you if you take this course.




I am confident that if you watch the video training, thoughtfully complete the exercises, and intentionally apply what you learn you will gain political savvy that puts you in a better position to advance your career. However, I want you to be fully satisfied. Therefore, you may request a refund within 15 days of purchase. To receive the refund you must submit your completed worksheets as evidence that you did the work, as well as a statement as to why you feel the program did not provide value. If you meet these criteria your refund for the full purchase price will be processed within 5 business days. Submit your request for a refund to



Take action now and get ready for the career you desire and deserve!




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