Do You Feel You Have Control Of Your Career?

Every week we learn of more research about how the current workplace culture affects women’s ambition. There is a consistent message that a lack of gender equality and pervasive bias and discrimination sabotages women’s careers. Certainly the reports validate our experience in the workplace. And while this information is critical to affect any cultural change,… Read More.

10 Tips To Get Unstuck And Move Your Career Forward in 2016

Starting the new year with new goals? If your intention is to move your career forward in 2016, here are some tips to get unstuck and get promoted. Manage your career Are you focused more on managing your job than your career? It’s time to get over your limiting belief that working hard and performance… Read More.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

This is a busy time of year! We are tying up loose ends at work, making holiday plans with family and friends, and if we’re lucky, taking some time off. We enjoy delighting our loved ones with special tokens of our love and appreciation. That’s the holiday spirit! But do you show that same love… Read More.