Intuition Is An Essential Leadership Tool

My experience coaching executives as well as my own career journey have convinced me that one of the biggest challenges facing leaders in business today is decision-making. Bombarded with the pressure to make decisions quickly and wisely, leaders often seek the counsel of trusted colleagues. Yet, the greatest resource for making sound decisions often lies… Read More.

Empowered Women Don’t Need A Power Suit

In the 1980’s, the power suit was an essential item in a professional woman’s wardrobe. The power suit, equipped with shoulder pads to increase stature, paired with high heels for the extra power lift, was a symbol of women’s new prominence in the workplace. Remember Melanie Griffith’s very ’80s shoulder pads in “Working Girl”? Women… Read More.

The Lack of Diversity is a Cultural Issue

On August 4th, the first ever White House Demo day was organized to showcase women and minority founders in technology. The event, along with President Obama’s call for action, sparked some major tech companies to announce new diversity initiatives. Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon all jumped on the bandwagon to demonstrate that they are… Read More.

Female Roles Models Are Important For Ambitious Women

I had no female role models at the first company where I worked. The executives were all male, and I didn’t have a great relationship with my male boss who was neither supportive nor invested in my professional development. I left after four years. Looking back now, I wonder how I even lasted that long!… Read More.