Your Choice: Getting By Or Getting Ahead

Every day you have a choice. You can show up as the best you can be or you can slack off and do just the right amount to get by. You can choose getting by or getting ahead. Some of us are capable of accomplishing our daily tasks on auto pilot. We are used to… Read More.

Does Your Boss Have Favorites?

Anne tells me that there are no private offices in her department at the bank. Everyone sits in an open area. The organization of the workspace, however, is indicative of certain dynamics. For instance, her boss sits next to a young woman and most of the day they are engaged in deep conversation. It is… Read More.

Does Your Company Culture Support Your Ambition?

I coach ambitious women. They come to me because they want to get promoted and I have a proven process to help them get ahead. But what I’ve noticed lately is many of my clients are out of alignment with the culture of their company and it causes them a great deal of stress and… Read More.

It Pays to Ask

A young woman called me for advice as she was considering changing jobs. She received an offer from new organization and was very excited about the opportunity although this opportunity involved moving her family from NYC to Maryland. She did her homework and figured out exactly what salary she would need considering the cost of… Read More.