New Catalyst Report Shows Little Progress For Women On Corporate Boards

Catalyst released its latest census report about women and men’s representation on S&P500 boards last week at the United State of Women summit in Washington, DC, and the news is discouraging. In 2015, there was very little progress toward gender parity in corporate board positions or executive leadership roles. With the recent attention to diversity,… Read More.

Can You Unplug From Work After Hours?

Last week, new legislation was passed in France that prohibits a company of 50 employees or more to send out emails after hours. French employees are banned from sending and receiving emails outside of normal work hours as well. The new provision, which has been called “the right to disconnect” is based on an acknowledgment… Read More.

Narrow Your Own Pay Gap With These Tips

Equal Pay Day focuses our attention on the challenges women face in the workplace regarding fair compensation. A few companies, like Microsoft, have responded to this challenge by becoming more transparent about their pay practices. But the reality remains that most companies are not ready to make drastic changes to their policies. Each of us… Read More.