Why Having a Sponsor is Important for Women and How to Get One

Having the right sponsor can make a dramatic impact on your career advancement. It’s such a powerful relationship that I have included it in the political toolkit in my book, The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead. In fact, I call it the “Get Out of Jail Free Card”…. Read More.

True Feminism is about Equality for Both Men and Women

According to Teresa Younger, the CEO and president of the Ms. Foundation, it’s a new day in the conversation around where women’s voices are socioeconomically and politically. On the grassroots side, women and their impact within communities has always been there. In the political realm, women’s voices are really coming to the forefront. I recently… Read More.

5 Questions You Need To Answer To Manage Your Reputation At Work

Sometimes we are so focused on the best way to pitch ourselves and talk about our accomplishments that we don’t realize that the way we show up at work each day speaks louder than words. It’s important to understand that your leadership potential is evaluated not only by your performance, but also by your presence… Read More.

4 Ways Political Savvy Helps Women Leaders Stay On Top

Understanding the issues involved in advancing women to leadership positions continues to be the focus of many studies in recent years. Although a business case has been established for having more female representation in senior roles, the progress has been slow. We are now realizing the complexity of the issue and some of the underlying… Read More.