Shattering Your Internal Glass Ceiling

We know the obstacles for women seeking leadership roles in the workplace. Recent studies reveal that women hold 14.6% of executive level positions at Fortune 500 Companies and this has remained fairly stagnant over the past few years. The lack of women in leadership roles reflects the complexity of the issue. There are many factors… Read More.

Does Saying Yes Help Your Career?

My recent post on the pros and cons of being the “go to person” addresses how agreeing to take on everyone’s work can damage your career advancement. When you are the “go to person”, you can find yourself both overwhelmed and most importantly, labeled and stereotyped as a doer rather than a leader. The article… Read More.

6 Positive Trends Lead To More Women On Corporate Boards

The latest census from Catalyst indicates that women now hold 19.2% of S&P board seats. Although these numbers are disappointing, Catalyst President and CEO Deborah Gillis is optimistic according to her recent interview for Washington Post. Recent trends point to increased opportunities to boost women’s representation on corporate boards. I spoke with Thomas Hickey about… Read More.

How Savvy Are You About Office Politics?

Playing politics in the workplace is not about gossip, backstabbing, or opportunism. Instead, savvy women in business know how to network and with whom. They also understand how decisions are made in their organizations, and they have learned to use these political factors to their advantage. Political savvy is critical for career success and the… Read More.