Revisiting the Nice Girl Syndrome

When Lois Frankel wrote Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office in 2004, she had hopes that her message would help generations of women position themselves for career advancement. She recognized then that women’s tendency to be nice and their desire to be liked by their coworkers prevented them from being seen as potential leaders…. Read More.

Are Assumptions About You Sabotaging Your Career?

I am currently writing a book, Anatomy of a Blindside: The Ambitious Woman’s Essential Toolkit to Navigate Office Politics. As part of the research on the topic of women and office politics, I have conducted many interviews and these interviews offer valuable insights and lessons about the realities of the current work environment for women…. Read More.

Our Fear of Potential Backlash: The Double Bind

Women face a unique conundrum in the workplace.  In our culture, a great leader is thought of as someone who is decisive, assertive, and independent. These qualities are most often associated with men. Women, on the other hand, are expected to be nice, nurturing and unselfish. So what happens when women want to be considered… Read More.

How Would You Like To Be Perceived?

  Executive presence is important for anyone who is seeking to move to a leadership position. Why? because people need to see you as a potential leader; as someone who has the potential to take on more responsibility and grow professionally. What you may not know is that you have control over the way you… Read More.