Don’t Let Your Ego Get In The Way Of Your Success

Your ego plays a big role in maintaining your wellbeing. The ego is a necessary and healthy force in your life. For instance, you may call on your ego to help you persevere when confronted with setbacks or perceived failures. There are times, however, when your ego gets in the way and blocks your future… Read More.

Finding Your Voice

It took my mom about 8 decades to find her voice. She was shy, married young, and always lived in my Dad’s shadow. But when he passed away over twenty years ago, she found her own strength and gradually her own voice. Now in her nineties, I am both pleased and amused when she tells… Read More.

Does ‘Pushy’ Need to be a Bad Thing?

When Jill Abramson was fired from the New York Times recently, it attracted a great deal of media attention. Abramson felt she was not compensated fairly compared to her male counterparts. And as a result, the issue about equal pay was raised. But what distracted many of us from this important issue, was the fact… Read More.