Leaning Back: The Power of Introverts

  Have you noticed? There has been a lot of buzz about introverts lately, and the more we learn about introverts, the more we understand the power of introverts to lead and influence others. There is no doubt that the workplace tends to be biased toward those who are more charismatic and outgoing. However, introverts… Read More.

Is It More Important To Be Likeable or Competent?

  Is it more important to be well liked or to be considered competent? According to new research, if you want to be influential and successful as a leader you need to be both likeable and competent. ¬†However, likeability is much more important initially. By exhibiting warmth, you are able to create a connection with… Read More.

To Golf Or Not To Golf

  This past week I led a discussion for senior women at an 85 Broads event in Boston about politics in the workplace. As we exchanged ideas about the best way to build relationships and alliances with men in the workplace, the subject of golf came up. Many of the women acknowledged that they play… Read More.