Is No Really No Or Is It An Opportunity?

This post is from the archives. Women are much more likely than men to take a “no” as a personal rejection and final answer. In fact, the fear of rejection will often keep us from asking for things we rightly deserve. Let’s look at the situation of a salary negotiation or performance review. Perhaps we… Read More.

Are You Opting Out of Your Success?

We each have our own personal relationship to success. We have unique ideas about what success looks like and about our ability to be successful. What I’ve learned from coaching professional women for almost a decade is that there are many reasons why women avoid success. Some women actually fear it and this fear can… Read More.

Learning From Failure

  We all do it. We make mistakes every day; some big mistakes and some minor ones. It’s part of life. Do you know that if you Google “learning from failure”, you will get about 129 million results? So you are not alone. We can’t avoid our missteps but we can learn from them.  One… Read More.