The Power of Pausing

If you are like me, you are tuned into what other people want and need, and that’s a good thing. That being said, it can also work against you in the workplace. How? Understanding what other people want and need can prompt you to immediately take action to help them out. The best solution is… Read More.

When Do You Know It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Mary was out of Harvard Business School for ten years when she took an executive position in Brazil and moved her family there from Texas.  She started the job with the best intentions and the highest expectations. She respected the values and mission of the company. Once in Brazil, however, Mary realized that her communication… Read More.

Lessons Learned from Shoveling Snow

I originally wrote this post last February and here we are again with three big snowstorms in one week. It seemed appropriate to repost this! Last week we got 24 inches of snow in Connecticut. My car was safe and out of harm’s way in the garage, but as I witnessed the snow piling up… Read More.

Thanksgiving 2013

  I am sitting in my office this morning writing this post. I look out the window and it’s chilly, yes, but also beautiful. Ducks are swimming in the river behind my house. A stately heron balances on one leg waiting patiently for his next meal to swim by. A mink hustles along the shore… Read More.