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Today’s topic is about multi-generations in the workplace. For the first time, we now have three highly influential generations working together. All three generations, X, Y, and Boomers, have the opportunity to make a major impact in business. But these generations are very different. They have different perspectives, opinions, values, habits, and goals based on their demographic. What are these generations looking for from their employers today? What do they need? What is the key to having them all work together harmoniously? What can today’s business leaders do to keep them happy?

Featured Guest

CranToday, I have a fabulous guest who will help us understand the challenges of having these generations working together. Cheryl Cran is a sought after consultant and speaker on trends in the workplace and a leadership and generations expert. Her research on generations led her to write a book, “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y, and Zoomers Happy at Work”. Other books include, The Control Freak Revolution , 50 Ways to Lead & Love It ,Say What You Mean – Mean What You Say For more information on Cheryl and her books and services, her website is cherylcran.com. A sought after expert on workplace trends, Cheryl has been a guest commentator on Fox’s The Mike and Juliet Show and The Fanny Kiefer Show. She has been interviewed and written articles for a wide range of publications including Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Profit Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Metro NY, The Globe, Selling Power, and many more.