Tell a Good Story to Pitch Yourself and Your Business


Everyone loves a good story, but how many of us are good at telling good stories? For the most part, I think we create exciting and stimulating stories about our personal lives. We certainly have a tremendous amount of material to serve as our database. We love to tell stories about our girlfriends, spouses or… Read More.

The Big Juicy Payoff


Our decision to buy a new car is often more about the status and sex appeal than transportation and functionality. We can purchase a great looking pair of jeans any where, but we are more likely to choose a popular brand that has some status and recognition. The advertisements tell us we will be more… Read More.

Ditch the Elevator Pitch

How often have you been at a networking event or business gathering and someone asks you, “What do you do?”. Panic sets in as you try to remember your Elevator Pitch and it’s specific formula to answer the question about what you do. You break out in a sweat as you stumble through the arbitrary… Read More.