Women Leaders Are More Compassionate But Does That Also Hold Us Back?

  This past week there was an interesting article in The Atlantic that quoted the Dalai Lama as saying that “The world needs leaders with compassion.” And in his mind, that means “the world needs more female leaders.” The article referred to research that has been done on the subject of gender and compassion, most… Read More.

Self-Promotion is a Political Skill


Hopefully most professional women now understand the importance of taking credit for their accomplishments and promoting themselves across the organization to gain visibility and credibility. There have been many studies by Catalyst and other organizations that support the necessity of promotion for career advancement for women. Understanding your value proposition and being able to confidently… Read More.

It's Not A Glass Ceiling: It's A Glass Grid


Catalyst studies show that women are just as ambitious as men and use the same career advancement strategies but they don’t get the same pay off. “Clearly, access to the ‘hot jobs’ and to senior-level sponsors with clout to create that access can make a dramatic difference in closing the persistent gender gap.” said Ilene… Read More.

Marianne Williamson: Women and A Call For A New Kind Of Politics


  We lack female representation in our electoral politics today. The U.S. Congress is currently comprised of 16.8 percent women and our state legislatures 23.6 percent. How does this lack of female participation and gender equality affect the overall agenda of American politics today? Marianne Williamson believes that the more women we have at the… Read More.