Do Our Jobs Define Who We Are?

When we lose our job, it can be devastating. Very often it means a dramatic change in income. Our daily routine suddenly changes, and we are left with a tremendous void. After all, most of our waking hours are spent at work. How do we fill the time? All this is true, but I think… Read More.

The Need for Flexible Work Solutions is Now

Sometimes I look back on the earlier days of my business career and wonder how I managed to raise two children as a single parent and still maintain and advance my career; most of all, I wonder now how I maintained my sanity and how I managed to focus any attention at all on work…. Read More.

Work/Life Balance is Not a Just for Women

With the advent of birth control in the 1960’s, women had a choice for the first time. They could plan their family/career path strategically. Often women started their careers and then took time to have a family. Whether or not they returned to their previous careers, they did have choices. But with more and more… Read More.