Do You Feel Like a Victim?

It just doesn’t seem fair. The company reorganizes and you’re out of a job. It doesn’t seem fair when someone less qualified than you gets the promotion you deserve. I know it’s a cliché to say “life isn’t fair”, but we know that there are times that this certainly seems true! We’re only human and… Read More.

The Way You Work Isn’t Working For Your Career

A 2013 survey of over 12,000 white collar workers by The Energy Project revealed remarkable yet certainly not surprising results. The increased pressures and expectations of the current workplace contribute to the workforce feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their jobs. Not surprising, right? Here are some results from this survey that are very revealing: 70%… Read More.

The Power of Pausing

If you are like me, you are tuned into what other people want and need, and that’s a good thing. That being said, it can also work against you in the workplace. How? Understanding what other people want and need can prompt you to immediately take action to help them out. The best solution is… Read More.

A Focus on Pleasing Your Boss Can Backfire

Linda secured a new position with a consulting company in Texas. From New York, she was an outsider from the onset, but she made it her intention to build a great relationship with her boss who had a reputation as being very difficult to get along with. No one else could work with him. Linda… Read More.