Acknowledge Your Courage Every Day

People have said to me that I’m very brave. They tell me it takes a lot of courage to move so far at this stage of my life. I’ve cleared out three houses in the last couple of months and moved myself, my car, and most of my belongings to Los Angeles from the east… Read More.

Do You Beat Yourself Up With Unrealistic Expectations?

After a decade of coaching ambitious women who are interested in advancing their careers, I have noticed a common theme. Many of my clients consistently beat themselves up with the unrealistic expectations they have created for themselves. Granted, most women who work with me are serious about reaching their full potential and capitalizing on their… Read More.

Will The Toy Industry Help Empower Young Girls?

I grew up playing with Barbie dolls and my body image still suffers. After all, how can any human being possibly have a body with those proportions? It’s unrealistic and certainly damaging for young impressionable girls. I was one of them. Research supports the fact that Barbie’s unrealistic body proportions negatively impact girl’s self-esteem! No… Read More.