Finding Your Voice

It took my mom about 8 decades to find her voice. She was shy, married young, and always lived in my Dad’s shadow. But when he passed away over twenty years ago, she found her own strength and gradually her own voice. Now in her nineties, I am both pleased and amused when she tells… Read More.

Getting Real About What It Takes To Get Ahead

We would all like to believe that the principles of meritocracy are upheld in our company and that our talent and hard work will get us ahead. After all, when we focused on our work in college and graduate school, we earned good grades and perhaps even honors. But now we’re in the workplace and… Read More.

Finish 2014 With a Bang!

This time of year, most of us have a holiday shopping list so we remember all the gifts we need to purchase for our family and friends. Those of us who are entertaining over the next month will also most likely create a shopping list to gather the traditional and maybe untraditional food for a… Read More.