Are You Opting Out of Your Success?

We each have our own personal relationship to success. We have unique ideas about what success looks like and about our ability to be successful. What I’ve learned from coaching professional women for almost a decade is that there are many reasons why women avoid success. Some women actually fear it and this fear can… Read More.

Empathy: The Basis for Building Relationships of Trust and Influence


  According to the dictionary, em·pa·thy is “the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.” We are said to have empathy for another person when we understand what they’re feeling and what they’re thinking. Empathy is the basis of relationships. It helps connect you with another person. It… Read More.

7 Things I’ve Learned Listening To Women


  I have been an executive coach since 2006, and have worked with hundreds of professional women in both one on one coaching relationships as well as group settings for workshops and presentations. The information that women share with me is invaluable. It helps me to recognize their ongoing challenges and design programs to assist… Read More.

Changing Things Up

  This past week I moved from Martha’s Vineyard to Connecticut; lots of packing and unpacking; organizing and discarding. Now that I am fairly (?) settled in my new place, I realize how challenging change can be, even when we plan for it. Our daily routines are programed in our heads and once our circumstances… Read More.