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Be Politically Savvy

It takes both great performance and political savvy to get ahead. Not paying attention to what’s going on around you makes you vulnerable to being blindsided by politics.

The good news is that anyone can learn to be politically savvy. That’s why I created 5 tools in my political toolkit that with practice will help you successfully navigate a complex competitive workplace.

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The Politics Of Promotion

Many women focus on performance, thinking that good work garners promotion. Too often, they're left outside of the circles of power and influence where decisions are made that affect their careers.

The Politics of Promotion provides a framework for breaking into that circle, and taking control of one's own career path. Women will find that the insights in The Politics of Promotion that can help them get ahead and stay ahead.

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  • I had the pleasure of listening to Bonnie Marcus speak at an #HBA event in April 2018 at Sandoz in Princeton, NJ. She is so amazing and inspiring, and gave the attendees so much to think about what holds us back, what assumptions (positive or negative) we have about ourselves and how we can take steps to overcome them. I have been actively applying some of those strategies in my life/career path and am thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in her workshop.

    — Madhumati Mukherjee, PhD.
    Geneticist and Molecular Biologist
  • I had the opportunity to hear Bonnie speak at a recent HBA event. In addition to being an eloquent and engaging presenter during her time on the dais, she motivates her audience to discuss relevant issues long after the talk is over. Her workshop on “Building a High-Impact Learning Culture” rang true for our small agency, and would be of great benefit to larger businesses seeking to train and retain top talent.

    — Alli Aber, PhD.
    Chief Medical Officer
    PRN Experts
  • Our group found Bonnie to be very helpful in giving practical insights into what we need to do to garner promotions.  Her wisdom and tactics combine to make the session very useful and attendees walk away armed with real information that helps them move their career forward.

    — Wendy Mann
    CREW Network
  • My experience with Bonnie was truly life changing. I sought her help as I transitioned into a new phase in my career. Bonnie was critical in helping me identify my strengths and deal with my weaknesses. I found Bonnie extremely approachable and relatable. Her experience as an executive, the knowledge she gathered through her years of coaching, and her pleasant demeanor all contributed to a successful series of sessions and a lot of personal growth for me. Bonnie constantly challenged me, and guided me through a time of professional and personal transformation.

    — Nora Abusitta-Ouri
    Senior Executive
  • Thank you for all your support and advice through the Express Coaching program.  I greatly appreciate your flexibility in tailoring my sessions for me, including moving a session to before a job interview for additional insights and changing topics based on my needs.  You were even able to uncover causes of my lack of confidence, and help me build it up again.  It is amazing how quickly you were able to make a difference in my confidence and in my life.

    — Michelle Wilson
  • I learned of Bonnie Marcus and Women Success Coaching from her blog and her book, "The Politics of Promotion."  Her wisdom and guidance were immediately applicable to my situation and my life.  When I began looking for a personal leadership coach, I thought of Bonnie first. From our first call, her questions challenged me to change my perspective, revisit all my assumptions and own my triggers.  She has been in the C-suite and held the CEO job, making her intimately familiar with the struggles and self-talk that can plague so many women in leadership today.  Her coaching has made me a better person and a more focused and aspiring senior executive.

    — Lynn Mason
    Healthcare COO
  • Recently, Bonnie spoke and moderated a panel at a healthcare businesswomen event -- doing an outstanding job providing specific recommendations to women on advancing their career despite male "power circles" at the leadership level.  After listening, you literally could leave the event and begin using her suggestions immediately.  Even the men at the event took copious notes and thanked her for such a valuable presentation!

    — Gloria Stone
    Director-at-Large, Northern NJ Chapter
    Healthcare Businesswomens Association
  • From our first telephone conversation, I knew Bonnie would do an outstanding job she certainly lived up to our expectations. Bonnie’s presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference to our audience.  Her talk on Owning Your Ambition was well received by our audience as many women in our audience have a difficult time of balancing ambition with the other traits that make women successful in the workplace. As the closing speaker for our Enterprising Women’s conference, Bonnie was on target and delivered.  Thank you so much for the absolutely fantastic contribution you made at Enterprising Women.

    — Robert J. Viamari
    Cape Business Publishing Group, LLC
  • Thank you for your inspiring and informative keynote session on The Politics of Promotion at our Women in Leadership Conference. You did such a wonderful job and we were thrilled to have you at the head of our line-up.

    — Christine Seiler
    Marketing Instructor, Women in Business Leadership Faculty Advisor
    Bowling Green State University
  • Attending a Bonnie Marcus talk is like watching a master class on presenting.  Her warm and engaging style meld seamlessly with the importance and richness of her research.   She knows what she is talking about and at the end of her presentation, so does her audience.  A good teacher engages and imparts; that is what happens with Bonnie.  One leaves enriched and educated from the experience.  And her insights are NOT just for women.  

    — Robert Selverstone, PhD.