What Will It Take To Succeed In The Future World of Work?


Today it’s a challenge to manage the fast pace of the workplace. Technology and changing demographics create the rapid need for change, and businesses and employees are scrambling to keep up. But even more changes are on the horizon as we transition into the agile workplace of the future. What does this future world of… Read More.

Shattering the Myth that Competition Propels the Best and Brightest to the Top

It is a commonly held belief in our culture that competition is good for our professional and personal development, our business growth and our economy.  We believe that competition motivates people to work harder and the most talented individuals win out over those less competent. Survival of the fittest, right? Competition seems to be in… Read More.

Revisiting the Nice Girl Syndrome

When Lois Frankel wrote Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office in 2004, she had hopes that her message would help generations of women position themselves for career advancement. She recognized then that women’s tendency to be nice and their desire to be liked by their coworkers prevented them from being seen as potential leaders…. Read More.

Fathers and Mothers Know Best

Things have certainly changed since the days of the television series Father Knows Best. The title of this show alone would not be politically correct in U.S. society today. I can hear the fallout now. What do you mean the father knows best? What about the mother? But in the 1950’s, the father was often… Read More.