Confessions of a Planning Addict

How many of you enjoy making plans? For those of you like myself, who somehow feel more in control if they have a plan, you will appreciate this blog and confession. When circumstances are very uncertain (in fact, when are they really certain?), I am the master of planning. I will most likely make several… Read More.

Finding Your True Place


This guest post is a deviation from my normal business tips, but one that I know you will enjoy. Recently bestselling author Brunonia Barry’s publicist sent me a book to review called The Map of True Places , and I loved the book. I am sure that many of you can relate to the theme… Read More.

The $500,000 Mistake

How would you feel if you lost $500,000? $500,000 can buy a lot. Visualize what $500,000 could mean for you. One half million dollars is more than enough to buy a house. It’s a nice chunk of change to squirrel away in a retirement account that will yield you even more money. $500,000 can mean… Read More.

Is it Time to Write Your Book?

This is a guest post by Lisa Tener, author and book coach. Have you noticed how many people are writing books lately? Maybe some colleagues and competitors in your field have recently become published authors. Do you wonder if becoming a published author is for you? A book can help you start a new business… Read More.