Do You Talk About Problems Or Potential Solutions?

Early in my career, I was so passionate about my work and the company I worked for that I wanted everything to be perfect. I would get very upset when I noticed that there was an issue that I felt needed to be addressed by senior management. My frustration would escalate when change did not… Read More.

Finding Your Voice

It took my mom about 8 decades to find her voice. She was shy, married young, and always lived in my Dad’s shadow. But when he passed away over twenty years ago, she found her own strength and gradually her own voice. Now in her nineties, I am both pleased and amused when she tells… Read More.

When Do You Know It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Mary was out of Harvard Business School for ten years when she took an executive position in Brazil and moved her family there from Texas.  She started the job with the best intentions and the highest expectations. She respected the values and mission of the company. Once in Brazil, however, Mary realized that her communication… Read More.

Our Fear of Potential Backlash: The Double Bind

Women face a unique conundrum in the workplace.  In our culture, a great leader is thought of as someone who is decisive, assertive, and independent. These qualities are most often associated with men. Women, on the other hand, are expected to be nice, nurturing and unselfish. So what happens when women want to be considered… Read More.