Are You Being Stingy?


Are you being stingy? …by not letting others know what you have to offer? …by not speaking up and sharing your opinion or ideas? Sometimes we are so focused on our “own stuff” and our fears or discomfort talking about ourselves that we forget that what we have to offer helps others. That’s right! Think… Read More.

How to Stay Marketable in a Down Economy

How do you stay marketable in a down economy? Promote your personal brand. When it comes to selling yourself, you should follow the same guidelines that you use when selling any product or service. Take an objective point of view, do an assessment of the product (you), create an effective pitch, and develop a sales… Read More.

Good Selling is Good Service. Good Service is Good Selling

What does good selling have in common with good customer service? EVERYTHING. Exceptional selling and exceptional customer service require a focus on the customer. Focusing on the customer makes the customer feel important and valued and when they feel important and valued, they are more likely to become a customer and remain a customer. How do you… Read More.