Women’s Success Coaching honored by Forbes.com

For the third year in a row, this blog and Women’s Success Coaching have made the Forbes Top 100 Websites for Professional Women. I am thrilled to be included in such great company!! Here is the link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeswomanfiles/2012/06/20/top-100-websites-for-women-2012/ There are websites here supporting women of all ages and professions, entrepreneurs and corporate women, and working… Read More.

Is Thinking BIG About Your Business or Career Like Bragging?


It’s common knowledge that many people have issues with boastful people. We have a bias against those who seem “full of themselves” and constantly let everyone know how wonderful they are.  If the person happens to be a woman, there is even more of a negative reaction to her lack of humility. If you follow… Read More.

Tell a Good Story to Pitch Yourself and Your Business


Everyone loves a good story, but how many of us are good at telling good stories? For the most part, I think we create exciting and stimulating stories about our personal lives. We certainly have a tremendous amount of material to serve as our database. We love to tell stories about our girlfriends, spouses or… Read More.

Are You Being Stingy?


Are you being stingy? …by not letting others know what you have to offer? …by not speaking up and sharing your opinion or ideas? Sometimes we are so focused on our “own stuff” and our fears or discomfort talking about ourselves that we forget that what we have to offer helps others. That’s right! Think… Read More.