Do You Need Stress in Your Life to Reach Your Full Potential?


We live in an age of great stress. We are bombarded daily with more information than we can possibly assimilate, and we are always connected to this flow of information with our iPhone, Blackberry’s and computers. There is no end to the information that is at our finger tips 24/7. It seems there is no… Read More.

Are You Being Stingy?


Are you being stingy? …by not letting others know what you have to offer? …by not speaking up and sharing your opinion or ideas? Sometimes we are so focused on our “own stuff” and our fears or discomfort talking about ourselves that we forget that what we have to offer helps others. That’s right! Think… Read More.

Does this article make me look fat?

We live in a culture that adores thin women. To be thin represents the ideal body image and in fact, is also often associated with success and confidence. The media worships thin “beautiful” women on the red carpet in Hollywood or in fashion magazines around the globe. For women this ideal image of beauty has… Read More.

Are You Connected to Your Value?

Think about it. When do you feel the most stress at work? According to author Tony Schwartz in a recent post on Harvard Business Review, we feel the most stress when our value is threatened. Across more than 200 studies of the effects of stress, researchers have found that the highest rises in cortisol levels… Read More.