Staying Focused Takes Focus!

True confession time. I have a little gremlin inside me that often rears its ugly head and causes me to lose focus. Of course, it’s easier to blame a gremlin than to admit that I am often challenged to stay on track with my business. When presented with compelling new opportunities, new ventures, new products,… Read More.

The Big Juicy Payoff


Our decision to buy a new car is often more about the status and sex appeal than transportation and functionality. We can purchase a great looking pair of jeans any where, but we are more likely to choose a popular brand that has some status and recognition. The advertisements tell us we will be more… Read More.

Ice Cream Melts and Three Other Marketing Tips for Summer

This week’s guest post is by Jamie Eslinger, a friend, colleague and fantastic marketing coach. Jamie “Sling” Eslinger loves to make consumer brands shine.  As the founder of MarketingTiara she also coaches entrepreneurs and marketing mavens to be brilliant. We all have experience chasing ice cream around the top of the cone before it falls… Read More.

Wisdom from Seth Godin

Seth Godin has a new book out called Linchpin in which he talks about our “lizard brain”, that part of our brain that holds all our fears and limiting beliefs. The Lizard brain keeps us from doing our most creative work and often signals us to stay in our comfort zone and not take risks…. Read More.