Shattering Your Internal Glass Ceiling

We know the obstacles for women seeking leadership roles in the workplace. Recent studies reveal that women hold 14.6% of executive level positions at Fortune 500 Companies and this has remained fairly stagnant over the past few years. The lack of women in leadership roles reflects the complexity of the issue. There are many factors… Read More.

Repeat After Me: I’m Awesome!


  Head & Shoulders, the shampoo company, recently surveyed 2,000 British women about their confidence level and 48% said they believe that they would have progressed further in their careers if they had more confidence. First of all, it is a little surprising that a shampoo company is interested in women’s career advancement. C’mon, right?… Read More.

What Are Your Super Powers And How Can You Help Others?


Dove recently ran an interesting campaign to determine how women see themselves. Their goal was to see if women see themselves less accurately than strangers do. The results were dramatic and the campaign offers proof in the form of forensic sketches. They invited seven women of different backgrounds in for a day and asked them… Read More.