What Would You Do If You Had Time Alone Without Distractions?

How many times have you said to yourself that if you only had some time by yourself, time without distractions and daily responsibilities, that you would finally work on that project you have pushed aside for years? Yes, if I only had the time I would draft a business plan, finish writing my book, or… Read More.

3 Tips for Promoting Courage

This is a guest post by Bill Treasurer. The article originally appeared in Entrepreneur.com. It happened again yesterday. I had just given a talk on courage-building to 600 CEOs and business owners. After my talk, one CEO approached me with a common dilemma. “My company lives and dies on our ability to provide innovative technology… Read More.

What If Thinking Sparks Creativity

Being innovative is a great way to differentiate ourselves in the workplace. Offering different solutions to problems and thinking outside the box sets us apart from those who simply show up and do their jobs every day. Yet we can’t force ourselves to be creative and although we are all innately creative beings, often creativity… Read More.

Do You Dare to Dream?

Here’s the question: “If you had all the resources and freedom to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? How would you live your life? My coach asked me this question as we started our initial work together this week and quite honestly, I was overwhelmed. I realized then that it has been a… Read More.