Do You Dare to Dream?

Here’s the question: “If you had all the resources and freedom to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? How would you live your life? My coach asked me this question as we started our initial work together this week and quite honestly, I was overwhelmed. I realized then that it has been a… Read More.

Is Your Self-Esteem Based on the Products You Buy?

Did you know that if you use an Apple computer, you may actually be more creative because the Apple brand stands for creativity? Did you know that using a generic cell phone battery can make you feel less attractive than a name brand? Honestly, I had no idea any of this was true. So I… Read More.

Thinking Outside the Box

I remember how wonderful I felt at first when I was hired to run a national company. I was thrilled with my new title and excited to take on the challenge of resurrecting a company that was doing poorly. I was up for the challenge. The position meant a move to Chicago from the east… Read More.

The Creative Process

I am fascinated by the creative process. Do you find that sometimes you are really in sync and great ideas come to you very easily and other times you struggle to even focus for a few seconds on a concept? Have you ever thought about what is happening when you are trying so hard to… Read More.