Have You Joined The Growing Trend Of Women Podcast Listeners?

You’re driving home from work. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic and you’re cursing the commute you have each day. One way to make really good use of your time is to tune into a podcast. Your time in the car can be well spent listening to something entertaining or enlightening and inspiring instead of your… Read More.

This Founder is Using Her Own Story to Help Children Share Theirs

When Brittni Kellom was just 12 years old she was sexually abused by her father. That abuse continued until she was 16 when she became pregnant with his child. It wasn’t until after her abortion that her mother, who later became her greatest supporter, was informed. This horrific tale would most likely permanently damage the… Read More.

Are You Ready To Be Chief Of Staff?

When you think of a chief of staff, you might think of someone like John Kelly, who currently holds the position in the Trump administration. At least that was my frame of reference until I recently spoke with Caroline Pugh, chief of staff to Aneesh Chopra, who was the first chief technology officer of the… Read More.