Bonnie became a certified executive coach in 2006 with the passion and mission to help other women achieve career success. Her extensive business background is rich with experience both as an entrepreneur and C suite executive.

She has worked in start up companies leading the pursuit and eventual award of venture capital as well as Fortune 500 companies, and has expertise in all aspects of running a successful business and creating a fulfilling career.

Bonnie started her career at the entry level as a single mom with two young children and understands the challenges women face managing their careers and their lives. What contributed to her success is her ability to embrace her ambition and understand the realities of the workplace.

This is how Bonnie can help you. She has both the experience and savvy to help you create a strategic plan to navigate your workplace and achieve your career goals.


Bonnie is a leading executive coach because she:

  • Understands what it takes to successfully navigate the realities of the workplace
  • Understands the dynamics of workplace relationships and how to build trust and influence
  • Is a leading expert in self promotion
  • Has a no nonsense approach to help you achieve quick results
  • Has over 20 years of successful business experience

Three New Express Coaching Programs!


You have told me how I can specifically help you and I have designed 3 one on one programs to help you meet your biggest challenges in a cost effective way. Each program is focused on one unique challenge with four 30 minute sessions.


  • How do you currently advocate for yourself?
  • What holds you back from promoting yourself?
  • Learn how to effectively and authentically promote yourself using your value proposition.
  • Learn how to build influence across your organization.

  • Identify your limiting beliefs.
  • How do they show up?
  • How do they hold you back?
  • What are your triggers?
  • Learn techniques to overcome your limiting beliefs and reach your full potential.

  • Identify your next career move or long term goal.
  • Learn how to create a strategic plan to reach your goal.
  • Create a strategic network to support your goal.
  • Remove any barriers to reaching your goal.

All these coaching programs are now available for only $750 as payment in full or two easy payments of $375. Email me if you’re interested in learning more. BonnieATwomenssuccesscoachingDOTcom.

Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching

Succeeding in today’s business environment requires focus and intention. Executive Coaching services help you to assess what’s working in your life and career, address what may be holding you back from reaching your leadership potential, and provide you with the practical tools to tackle current business challenges and opportunities.

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VIP Coaching

Imagine accelerating your career in just 1 day!

Imagine overcoming months (or even years!) of being stuck and moving your career to a whole new level. That’s the power of a VIP day with Bonnie.

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Corporate Coaching Programs

Bonnie has customized corporate programs to support women’s leadership efforts in the workplace. Programs are designed to align with the specific goals and needs of the organization and are often initially delivered with a live workshop and then 6 months of follow up virtual or live group coaching support.

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What People Are Saying

Bonnie Marcus is an accomplished professional woman who cuts straight to the heart of why your business is your passion and why your business can serve others greatest needs. She knows how to pull the bedrock story of your business out of you and guide you in the most prosperous direction in sharing your value and services. My experience working with Bonnie was both intensely personal and profoundly helpful for focusing the growth of my business. Bonnie’s coaching is extremely powerful and enlightening for important business development.— Jennifer Schelter

I have worked with Bonnie for the past year and she has provided tremendous insight while helping me to think more strategically about my career, build strategic relationships and clarify my value proposition.— Mary L. Rotunno
Senior Counsel
Dignity Health

I met Bonnie at a Senior Women's Leadership Event run by Barnard College and hosted by my employer. I was so impressed with Bonnie that I hired her shortly after to be my coach. It was one of the best investments I ever made. Bonnie helps me manage my career with the same discipline that I manage my business. I was able to achieve clarity around my career goals, put in place an action plan and focus on execution. Within a few months of working with Bonnie that long sought after promotion came through. Thank you Bonnie!— Patricia Gomes
Managing Director
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