Get Ahead: Career Acceleration Programs

Succeeding in today’s business environment requires focus and intention. Executive Coaching services help you to assess what’s working in your life and career, address what may be holding you back from reaching your leadership potential, and provide you with the practical tools to tackle current business challenges and opportunities.

Executive Coaching helps middle managers and senior executives strengthen and develop their leadership and management skills in order to thrive and compete in the corporate environment. It is ideal for women who have embraced their ambition, have talent and expertise, and are committed to getting ahead and staying ahead.

Bonnie’s proven method for getting ahead includes how to:

  • Navigate the corporate environment for career success
  • Embrace and effectively use the politics in your organization to accelerate your career
  • Identify your value proposition and learn to confidently communicate how your work benefits the organization
  • Create credibility and visibility for yourself as a leader in the workplace
  • Build and leverage internal and external networks of influence to catapult your career.
  • Map the power grid in your organization and create a plan to build solid relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Create your executive presence for increased credibility.
  • Delegate tasks effectively and empower your management team.
  • Enhance presentation skills.
  • Set in motion an action plan to achieve career goals and drive results.

Coaching services are customized to meet your specific needs and goals and are delivered in three and six month programs.

“I started working with Bonnie as a coach when I was feeling “stuck” in my career after ten years in the same position. Bonnie’s insightful questions helped me to clarify my career goals and articulate my value proposition. Through coaching, I set aside time to conduct personal self-examination and reflection. Bonnie’s honest, constructive feedback encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and I secured a higher level position at a new company. In my new position, Bonnie has provided insight and perspective assisting me to strategically build relationships and navigate the C-Suite. I look forward to our monthly sessions! “

— Mary L. Rotunno
Associate General Counsel
El Camino Hospital

Premium six month coaching program

Bonnie has a proven method to help you get the promotion you deserve. This program has resulted in promotions within a year for every woman who has enrolled!!!  It is designed for high achieving women who are ready to move up but need some guidance on the optimal way to position and promote themselves.

Included in this program:

  • Pre work questionnaire
  • 90 minute strategy session to identify goals for coaching program and clarify career goals.
  • 5 in depth interviews with colleagues, supervisors, direct reports for feedback
  • feedback debrief
  • 12 sixty minute coaching sessions
  • unlimited email support


“I met Bonnie at a Senior Women’s Leadership Event run by Barnard College and hosted by my employer. I was so impressed with Bonnie that I hired her shortly after to be my coach. It was one of the best investments I ever made. Bonnie helps me manage my career with the same discipline that I manage my business. I was able to achieve clarity around my career goals, put in place an action plan and focus on execution. Within a few months of working with Bonnie that long sought after promotion came through. Thank you Bonnie!”

— Patricia Gomes
Managing Director

Stay Ahead: Executive Mentor Program

The competition is tougher the higher up you are in an organization, and it takes an intentional focus to maintain your leadership status and impact across the organization.

This program is designed specifically for executive women who have reached leadership positions and understand that it is critical to embrace and work the everyday politics and relationships.

This program provides 12 months of coaching support and includes:

  •     An Initial 2-hour assessment and strategy session
  •     Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month by phone or Skype, to be scheduled at your convenience
  •     Unlimited email support
  •     Up to two 10-minute check-in calls per month
  •     Five in depth interviews conducted by Bonnie with supervisors, peers and direct reports to assess your executive presence and leadership impact. This feedback serves as the basis of your action plan to leverage and position yourself across the organization.

The program provides targeted support in the following areas:

  • Define and develop your unique leadership style
  • Understand and work the politics in your workplace
  • Identify key stakeholders and influencers
  • Map the workplace power grid
  • Build influence across the organization
  • Understand your value proposition and learn to communicate this effectively
  • Establish your executive presence

For more information on coaching or to schedule a complimentary 30-minute session, please call 774-563-8176 or email

Coaching Programs

VIP Coaching

Imagine accelerating your career in just 1 day!

Imagine overcoming months (or even years!) of being stuck and moving your career to a whole new level. That’s the power of a VIP day with Bonnie.

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Corporate Coaching Programs

Bonnie has customized corporate programs to support women’s leadership efforts in the workplace. Programs are designed to align with the specific goals and needs of the organization and are often initially delivered with a live workshop and then 6 months of follow up virtual or live group coaching support.

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What People Are Saying

Our conversations truly helped me understand how my achievements and contributions are more valuable than the sum of the each individual accomplishment. This analysis taught me to step back and look at the commonalities of my successes and to write a story worth reading; a story that demonstrates how my experiences translate into value for my current employer, my future employer as well as in my position or in preparation for my next step. Also, your guidance on company politics, communication styles and the importance of being visible are so on-target.  The reality is that our hard work does not always get us noticed, rewarded, or considered. Over that past 10 months I have had the opportunity to observe and practice these skills. I have developed an extensive network of professional connections both within my large company, with customers and outside my field and region.  It is through these efforts that I have identified strategies for success and created a plan to navigate growth opportunities. While I consider myself a continuous work in progress, this experience has helped me professionally. I better understand how to better navigate the politics with less fear and frustration, I communicate with more effectiveness, and I am recharged with the confidence I need to continue to develop. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs to either recharge or refocus their internal conversations from ones of doubt to ones of confidence, courage and the creation of actionable steps toward growth.— Renee Devine
Senior Manager
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