Knowing Yourself Helps Your Relationship With Others

Heather Hansen O’Neill is an award-winning speaker and author who fires up organizations and corporations on leadership, team development, and change management. I recently spoke with Heather about cultivating relationships and she says it all starts with YOU. You say you can improve your relationships by cultivating the connection you have with yourself. What is… Read More.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Kathleen McShane, founder and CEO of Ladies Launch Club helps women entrepreneurs be successful through mastermind groups and workshops. Her new book, The Survivor’s Guide for Female Entrepreneurs, gives practical tips and motivation for women starting a business. How do you know if you’ve got what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur? Based… Read More.

Top Tips to Build Your LinkedIn Profile

Professionals are often told how important LinkedIn is for building a strong network and creating a personal brand. But what are the best ways to use LinkedIn? I asked LinkedIn expert, Sandra Long, to share some tips. 1. What are the major benefits of LinkedIn for professionals working in corporate settings? Log into LinkedIn and… Read More.

Money Can Buy Happiness

  According to research, women now make 89% of all consumer decisions. That gives us tremendous “purse” power. But do we know what to do with that power? What is our relationship to money? For answers, I asked Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, an internationally recognized relationship and communication expert. 1.  How would you describe women’s… Read More.

Reaching Your Goals Takes Planning and A Strong Network

Do you find that you have no problem setting goals, but never seem to reach them? I interviewed real estate mogul, Stacey Alcorn, co-author of Reach!,  about how to realize ambition and stay on track. 1.  What is the art of REACH? REACH! has two meanings. First, it’s about making huge goals for yourself in… Read More.