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maria RTC 033 HiRes900One of the best ways to differentiate yourself in the workplace as a leader is to think beyond your daily tasks and think strategically about how to improve business processes. Being known as a change agent is a powerful way to position yourself as having leadership potential. This week we are discussing how to initiate change in the workplace and how you can be a change agent.

My guest, Maria Gamb, asks each of us to own our personal power and stop waiting for someone else to fix what’s going on. It’s time to blaze a new trail, learn some simple heart centered tools and create teams and businesses that will thrive in these ever changing times. But the change first begins with the YOU.

Founder and CEO of NMS Communications, a mentoring and training company specializing in value-based leadership, gender communication and building productive teams through customized workshops, programs and private mentoring. As a former Fortune 500 executive, Maria Gamb spent more than twenty years in the trenches of corporate America leading businesses in excess of $100million and working in global markets. Forbes magazine identified her as a new thought leader to follow welcoming her as a regular contributor. She has also been featured in Inc Magazine, Time Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Radio Network and HR.com. Maria is a sought after international speaker and Amazon best-selling author of “Healing the Corporate World”. For more information on Maria, please visit her website, www.mariagamb.com

Listen to the May 14th show.