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MAITLANDphotoWhat will the workplace look like in the future? Will we all be working virtually? Will there still be brick and mortar office buildings?

These questions and many more about our future will be answered by my guest this week, Alison Maitland. She and her co author, Peter Thomson, just released an updated version of their book, Future Work: Changing Organizational Culture for the New World of Work. The book gives us a glimpse into how our work environments are changing in response to new technologies and demographics.

Alison Maitland is a writer, speaker and former Financial Times journalist who specialises in leadership and the changing world of work. She is Director of The Conference Board’s European Council for Diversity in Business, a Senior Visiting Fellow at London’s Cass Business School, and co-author of the prize-winning book, Why Women Mean Business. To learn more about Future Work, you can visit the website, www.futureworkbook.com.

Listen to the May 7th show.