Superwoman Hits A Wall: Having It All Comes With A Price


I finally hit a wall. I thought I was superwoman. I foolishly believed I had some kind of super power that would shield me from this flu bug that knocked everyone off their feet. But after weeks of traveling, speaking, a heightened workload, and moving, that nasty bug finally caught up with me and I’m… Read More.

Do You Dare to Dream?

Here’s the question: “If you had all the resources and freedom to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? How would you live your life? My coach asked me this question as we started our initial work together this week and quite honestly, I was overwhelmed. I realized then that it has been a… Read More.

Living an Authentic Life

We now live in a transparent world. Our personal and professional stories reside on the internet and will remain there in perpetuity. Our resumes, our profiles, our photos, videos, testimonials will endure long after our lifetime. It seems that everyone knows everything about you. But how well do you know yourself? Are you living an… Read More.