How Does A Lack Of Confidence Affect Your Life And Career?

Many of my clients suffer from a lack of confidence. They are highly educated and talented women. But at some point in their lives, they allowed negative feedback or situations to undermine their self-esteem and that has continued to affect their performance and success every day. Just last week, I asked one of my clients… Read More.

What Are Your Super Powers And How Can You Help Others?


Dove recently ran an interesting campaign to determine how women see themselves. Their goal was to see if women see themselves less accurately than strangers do. The results were dramatic and the campaign offers proof in the form of forensic sketches. They invited seven women of different backgrounds in for a day and asked them… Read More.

Confidence Leads to Promotions and Increased Social Status


A soon to be published study, “A Status Enhancement Account of Overconfidence”, from the Haas School of Business at University of California Berkeley reveals that overconfidence helps people attain more respect, prominence, and influence. Confidence may or may not be an indication of a person’s actual abilities. Yet, it appears that people are easily swayed… Read More.

What Role Does Confidence Play in Career Success?


I have always believed that when you present yourself with confidence in the workplace people perceive you to be competent. Your confidence inspires trust and quite often respect. Of course, you still need to earn the recognition by demonstrating your skills and talent, but at least you are not trying to prove your competence right… Read More.