What If Thinking Sparks Creativity

Being innovative is a great way to differentiate ourselves in the workplace. Offering different solutions to problems and thinking outside the box sets us apart from those who simply show up and do their jobs every day. Yet we can’t force ourselves to be creative and although we are all innately creative beings, often creativity… Read More.

Thinking Outside the Box

I remember how wonderful I felt at first when I was hired to run a national company. I was thrilled with my new title and excited to take on the challenge of resurrecting a company that was doing poorly. I was up for the challenge. The position meant a move to Chicago from the east… Read More.

De-Clutter Your Brain and Jump Start Your Creativity

A few months ago a long time friend of mine recommended that I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In this book, Julia describes a program she created for artists to connect with their creativity through a series of exercises. This process has been so successful that people from all different professions have adopted… Read More.