What Do You Do When a Door of Opportunity Opens?

There has been a lot written recently about women’s innate ability to lead. One reason that is consistently mentioned is that women are more risk adverse than men. Many thought leaders believe that because women are more cautious, they make better decisions. I believe there is some validity in this especially if you look at… Read More.

Celebrating My Independence

I’ve had family and friends say to me that I’m independent to a fault. Is there such a thing as being too independent? I left corporate America six years ago to start my coaching business and I’ve never looked back. Sure, there have been challenges; plenty of challenges. I would be dishonest if I said… Read More.

If You're Stuck, You're Going Nowhere

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Libby Gill on my Head over Heels Radio show about her book, You Unstuck: Mastering the Rules of Risk Taking in Work and Life.  Reflecting on that discussion this week, I realized that there are so many ways we get stuck in our personal lives and in our… Read More.