Are You Still In The Closet About Your Ambition?


I had a client, a female attorney for a large healthcare system, tell me last week that when she approached her boss about her desire to move her career forward, he was surprised. That prompted me to think about our relationship to ambition, how others in the workplace view ambitious women, and how we translate… Read More.

Self-Promotion: The Pink Elephant in the Room


Have you noticed that it is now common to use the term “personal branding” instead of self-promotion? Personal branding and self-promotion are, in fact, the same.  I have come to believe that the term self-promotion is so off-putting for women that we will do almost anything to avoid it. Hence, it’s become the” pink elephant”… Read More.

Are You Being Stingy?


Are you being stingy? …by not letting others know what you have to offer? …by not speaking up and sharing your opinion or ideas? Sometimes we are so focused on our “own stuff” and our fears or discomfort talking about ourselves that we forget that what we have to offer helps others. That’s right! Think… Read More.

Have You Asked for a Promotion?

According to Donald Asher, author of Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t and Why, “Bosses assume that any employee who doesn’t ask for more is satisfied with his job.” If this is accurate, which I suspect it is, why don’t we ask about opportunities to move up? Our hesitancy to ask for a promotion is more… Read More.