Female Roles Models Are Important For Ambitious Women

I had no female role models at the first company where I worked. The executives were all male, and I didn’t have a great relationship with my male boss who was neither supportive nor invested in my professional development. I left after four years. Looking back now, I wonder how I even lasted that long!… Read More.

Political Savvy: The Missing Link To Women’s Advancement

Every year Forbes publishes its list of the world’s most powerful women. Many such lists honor women who have made it to the top of their field. Yet currently, women hold only 5.3 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 5.4 percent of Fortune 1,000 positions. The progress of women to leadership positions has been… Read More.

Women Leaders Are Now Viewed Just As Effective As Men


A new study published by the American Psychological Association reveals that women are perceived just as effective, sometimes more so, than men when it comes to leadership. In fact, they are seen as more effective in both middle management and senior leadership roles! The researchers in this study state that, “As organizations have become fast-paced,… Read More.

Women Leaders Are More Compassionate But Does That Also Hold Us Back?

  This past week there was an interesting article in The Atlantic that quoted the Dalai Lama as saying that “The world needs leaders with compassion.” And in his mind, that means “the world needs more female leaders.” The article referred to research that has been done on the subject of gender and compassion, most… Read More.