The Benefits of a Flexible Job and How to Get One

This past week Paul Ryan and Joe Biden both spoke publically about the importance of their family obligations when considering their career decisions. Ryan, considering the position as Speaker of the House, felt it necessary to set boundaries. He stated that he wanted to spend weekends with his family. Joe Biden’s decision not to run… Read More.

The Pros and Cons of Flex Time for Women

  Many companies are now offering more flexible work options in order to retain their top talent pool, especially women. But does this flex time work for or against women’s career advancement? And how important is this to women? According to a recent survey by Catalyst, men and women use flex options equally but women… Read More.

Do Our Jobs Define Who We Are?

When we lose our job, it can be devastating. Very often it means a dramatic change in income. Our daily routine suddenly changes, and we are left with a tremendous void. After all, most of our waking hours are spent at work. How do we fill the time? All this is true, but I think… Read More.

The Need for Flexible Work Solutions is Now

Sometimes I look back on the earlier days of my business career and wonder how I managed to raise two children as a single parent and still maintain and advance my career; most of all, I wonder now how I maintained my sanity and how I managed to focus any attention at all on work…. Read More.