The 7 Most Effective Ways for Women to Own Their Ambition

Women’s ambition has recently been the focus of a considerable amount of research and surveys. Time and Real Simple, Lean.Org and Mckinsey, Bain and Company, and Harvard Business School are among the many organizations that have studied the current level of ambition of professional women. The conclusions of these studies are clear; that women face… Read More.

The Secret Sauce for Success


  I have spoken with thousands of women since I started my coaching practice in 2006; women of all ages, with very different backgrounds and experiences; all interested in being successful in business. Most recently, I asked myself why some of them succeed and why others never do. I came to a conclusion based on… Read More.

Are You Ready To Spring Forward?


I’m so excited that spring has arrived here on the east coast! Even in the morning when it’s still a little chilly there are signs that spring is here. You hear birds chirping. You see some brave little flowers testing the warmth of the sun. And of course, the days are longer! Spring is a… Read More.

Bridging The Gap Between Where You Are Now And Your Dream Job


Where would you like to be in your career in 5 years? Most of you probably have an idea about your dream job even if you haven’t articulated that to anyone.  Perhaps it seems too farfetched. Maybe you hesitate to share it because you are concerned about other people’s reaction to your ambition. But chances… Read More.