What Would You Do If You Had Time Alone Without Distractions?

How many times have you said to yourself that if you only had some time by yourself, time without distractions and daily responsibilities, that you would finally work on that project you have pushed aside for years? Yes, if I only had the time I would draft a business plan, finish writing my book, or… Read More.

Unplug and Live a Healthy Productive Life


One of the first things I recognized at the onset of my long journey to Kenya was that I would be —unplugged— and disconnected from my smartphone, email and social media for several days. I tell you this with the full recognition that I am addicted to technology. I am guilty of continuously checking email,… Read More.

Re-energizing My Life

Look out world! My theme for this year is to re-energize my life!  And because it’s my theme for the year, any decisions I make will be evaluated with this theme in mind to determine if I am truly aligned and making choices that support my goal. I must say that just the process of… Read More.