What Would Your Career Be Like If You Weren’t Afraid?

There is a purpose for our fear. Fear pumps out the adrenaline that helps us to escape perilous situations. Fear protects us by signaling us to fight or run away to save ourselves from harm. Of course, today we rarely find the need to run from a lion. But fear dominates our society today on… Read More.

Is The Workplace Responsible For Our Lack of Confidence?

  Bain and Company released the findings of their five year research on gender parity in June 2014 and the results were shocking. After just two years in the workplace, women’s aspirations dropped 60% and their confidence 50%. The conclusions of the study were that the current work environment does not provide women with female… Read More.

Shattering Your Internal Glass Ceiling

We know the obstacles for women seeking leadership roles in the workplace. Recent studies reveal that women hold 14.6% of executive level positions at Fortune 500 Companies and this has remained fairly stagnant over the past few years. The lack of women in leadership roles reflects the complexity of the issue. There are many factors… Read More.