Shattering the Myth that Competition Propels the Best and Brightest to the Top

It is a commonly held belief in our culture that competition is good for our professional and personal development, our business growth and our economy.  We believe that competition motivates people to work harder and the most talented individuals win out over those less competent. Survival of the fittest, right? Competition seems to be in… Read More.

How Does Willful Blindness Affect Your Success?


A wise woman told me early in my career, that I should hire to my weakness. In other words, figure out the things that I am not particularly good at or that I hate to do and hire people who excel at these things. For example, I am not a great detail person. Assembling a… Read More.

Asking for Help: Does Your Fear Hold You Back from Advancing Your Career?


This past week on my radio show, GPS Your Career, I had a lively discussion with Margaret Heffernan about what it takes for women to be successful in business today. Quickly the conversation turned to the importance of building relationships for career advancement and the hesitancy we have to leverage these relationships. In other words,… Read More.

Is Self-Confidence Your Friend or Foe?


I often talk and write about the importance of having self-confidence for business success. I believe that when you connect with your value proposition, you can talk about your accomplishments and talk up your business with confidence and authenticity, and that most people associate your confidence with competence. But here’s another take on the subject…. Read More.